Apple Smoked Pork Butt Recipe

Published: 07th April 2010
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Take your butt, and leave the bone in as it cooks faster, and is maybe more tender, or boned and rolled, slather it with French's mustard, coat in your favorite dry rub, let it get tacky for about 2 hours (4 - 5 lb. butt).

Smoke it over apple (or whatever you like best), and let the temperature run at 225 - 250 F. for about 2 hours/ lb. to an internal temp of about 180 F.

Mop with a great sauce or spray with bourbon and apple juice in the last hour or 1-1/2 hours. Remove and wrap in foil when finished and leave on heat for another hour while coals die down.

Let sit at least 1/2 hour, then shred it for succulent and flavorful meat -- you just can't miss.

For the best results, get an instant-read thermometer which is very useful for many things, and as long as you get the internal temp up to 180 F. you should be all right, front to back, top to bottom of butt.

Try adding club soda on pork butt when sitting overnite in the fridge.

You can also use pork shoulder, and do it this way ..

The cooking temperature for a pork shoulder really needs to be 275-300 degrees. As far as a good rubbing sauce goes, .just apply a fine layer of salt on the shoulders prior to cooking to:

a) help the shoulder to brown

b) help to open the pours to allow the excess grease to properly drain. You should also start the shoulder cooking on the "face" side ( opposite of the skin side ) for the first 2 hours, and then rotate every hour after that. The shoulder should be done in 10 hours. A good way to tell if the meat is done is to stick a meat-fork in the end of the shoulder and there should be no resistence when pulling the fork out.

After the meat is smoked and ready to pull, have the sauce ready. While still hot, pull the meat and put it into a container and pour the sauce over it.

Being hot, the sauce will get into the interstices of the meat. Let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. Next day, gently reheat the Q in a double boiler or steam table taking great care not to re-heat the meat too fast.

The results? A delicious pork shoulder!

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