How To Use a Big Drum Smoker

Published: 07th April 2010
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Charcoal smokers cook the food directly over the coals. Charcoal and wood lumps are the most common types of fuel used in charcoal smokers.

The meat juices drip down onto the coals, giving meat that traditional down-home flavor. With little effort, the BDS consistantly produces high quality, authentic BBQ. You do not need any water pan or heat barrier in the BDS.

The meat is tender and moist with deep, delicious smoke taste. Your smoked meat will always have a beautiful smoke ring. The charcoal grate and ring allow long burn times on a single load of fuel. 12 pounds of charcoal and a few chunks of wood will burn for over 12 hours.

This is more than enough time to smoke the biggest cuts of meat. You never have to add any fuel during a cook. If you want a smoker that is easy to use and cooks top quality barbecue, buy a Big Drum Smoker. There are 18 models to choose from with prices that won't break the bank.

Air flows through the intake and exhaust vents, creating a convection inside the BDS. Smoking the meat directly over the coals produces pure radiant heat. The unique combination of convection and radiant heat cooks the meat faster than most BBQ pits.

Temperature control is simple, just add or remove the intake vent plugs as needed. Pork butts and briskets only take 8 hours to cook, while other cookers can take over 12 hours. Whole 20 lb. pork shoulders only take 11 hours to cook, compared to 18 to 22 hours with other smokers. Cleanup is fast and easy. The BDS is great for competition, catering and backyard BBQ.

Note: If you don't have the need for a smoker as large as the Big Drum Smoker, then take a look at the charcoal smokers manufactured by Brinkmann and Weber for smaller, more portable alternatives costing $80 upwards.

How to light a charcoal smoker

Charcoal: First, start with good, dry charcoal made of premium hardwoods, because they light easily, maintain a steady cooking temperature, and burn longer.

Lighter cubes: Second, to light briquettes safely and with minimum hassle, try Weber FireStarter lighter cubes. These solid fuel cubes light as easily as a birthday candle (even when wet!) and are odorless and non-toxic, leaving no residue to mar the flavor of your delicious grilled meal.

Chimney starter: Another handy tool is our Chimney Starter, which holds the coals in a cylinder for fast, easy lighting. Fill the canister-shaped starter with the proper amount of charcoal, place on the charcoal grate over two or three FireStarters cubes or crumpled newspaper, ignite the cubes or paper, and let the coals burn until they have a coating of light grey ash (about 25 to 30 minutes).

Pour the hot coals onto the charcoal grate and arrange for Direct or Indirect cooking with long-handled tongs. For safetys sake, wear specialised barbecue grill gloves.

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